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Halo effect
people who have one good trait are likely to have others, like good social skills, intelligence, good mental health etc.
Romanic love
companionate love
stable, similarity of outlook, partners in a cooperative relationship.
putting oneself in danger to protect others: a selflsess act
social exchange
each partner in a social act gives something and expects to get something in return
reciprocity principle
we feel like we must repay what we have been given
reciprocal concession effect
a 'seller' begins by asking a large price/favor. when the person says no, they lower their price, or their request for a favor. The buyer feels obligated to agree because the seller offered a concession.
pluristic ignorance
the lights went out, each witness was unsure whether there was really an emergency and looked to others to see how they reacted. Because everyone was looking to everyone else, nobody acted.
Diffusion of responsibility
why should i act when someone else probably will?
Bystander effect
the larger the group, the less likely someone will come to help
James lang theory of emotions
the experience of emotions is the awareness of ones own bodily reactions in the presence of an arousing stimuli
attribution of arousal theory
the body provides only raw materials for an emotional experience. we then interpret the arousal based on events or situation that is happening around us when we are stimulated.
plays a crucial role in emotional appraisal.