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What are the three kinds of subjective feeling?
physiological arousal, expressive behaviors, conscious experience
Describe physiological arousal.
heart pounding
Describe expressive behaviors.
quickened pace
Describe conscious experience.
including thoughts(is this kidnapping?) and feelings (a sense of fear and later joy)
What is common sense?
stimulus->emotion->physiological reaction
What is the singer two factor theory?
(schachter) our physiology and our cognitions-perceptions, memories, and interpretations together creat emotion
What do experiences of emotion consist of?
physiological arousal, cognitive label, our experience of emotion grown from our awareness of our body's arousal, an emotional experience requires a conscious interpretation of the arousal
What was the James-Lange theory?
stimulus->physiological reaction->emotion

ex. we feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble
What is the Cannon-Bard theory?
argued lange theory was incorrect, different emotions have similar physiological states, many physiological states occur too slowly, experiencing physiological states does not always lead to experiencing emotion
What is an example of the Cannon-Bard theory?
heart begins pounding as you experience fear, one does not cause the other