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when was NATO founded?
what is the most important article of the north atlantic treaty
article V - an attack on one is an attack on all
why was nato founded, what was the famous quote
lord ismay - to keep the russians out, the americans in, and the germans down
which country partially pulled out of the military structure of nato
when was the ecsc founded and what was it?
european coal and stell community, 1950
who founded the ecsc?
robert shumann
what is the eec?
european economic community?
who was charles degualle and what his role in european integration?
put a crimp on intergration in 1960s
who was mitterand?
he decrimped intergation - he pushed for one europe,
what was the maastricht treaty?
changed the eec to the eu, formed the eu, gave the eu a common security policy
smith - what were the helsinke and colon conference?
look it uppppp
what is the epc?
european political cooperation, precede the cfsp
what was the cfsp?
common foreign security policy, security pillar of the eu
how do member countires use eu membership?
as a bargaining tool so that european countries can make prospective members to do what the grou pas a whole needs *MACEDONIA and CROATIA
how many countries are in the eu?
when did the invasion of kosovo occur and how long did it last?
1999, 78 days apx 2 months
what was the invasion of afghanistan and how long did it last?
october 2001 - apx 2 months
what was the indigenous fighting group in kosovo who fought against albanians?
kla - kosovo liberation army
what was the indignous fighting group in afghanistan?
northern alliance
what ethnic group did nato fight for in kosovo?
the muslims
what ethnic group didnato fight against in afghanistan?
the muslims
what's unique about albania?
only country with muslim majority in europe
what's unique about afghanistan?
least westernized country in the missle east
what two countries were the most upset about the invasion of serbia?
russia and china
which irnat'l organization is running kosovo?
the eu
who's running afghanistan?
what's the capital of serbia?
what's the capital of kosovo?
what's afghanistan's capital?
who is the president of afghanistan?
hamed karzai
who is in charge of kosovo?
muslims who fled kosovo went where?
what country did osama flee to from afghanistan?
who was the un secretary general of kosovo and what's he doing now?
javier solana, high representative for foreign policy in the eu
wwhat occured in general with the russian in kosov?
british guy (michael jackson) tells the us "i'm not going to start wwIII for you," because bc us wanted to have a skirmish that could have aggravated russia
which embassy got bombed in kosovo?
chinese annnnnnnnd serbia
what role does the eu have in afghanistan?
the eu manages what countries?
macedonia, the congo, kosovo
who was shinseki?
in the clark book, subordinate to clark
who was the president of serbia in the kosovo war?
slobedon melosevic
how many european countries were against the afganistan invasion?
who was mullah omar?
the president of the taliban
where is the eu capital?
where is the nato hq?
who fought the afghans in th 1980s and FAILED?
how many us battle casualties in kosovo?
when was macedonia's near civil war?
how many battle casualities in afghanistan?
who was the french president against he iraqi war?
jacques chriac
who wouldn't support the us iraqi invasion even with a un security council resolution?
who rallied to the franco-german opposition of the war?
belgium and kind of luxembourg
how many publicly endoresed the us invasion of iraq?
which european states joined in the fight with iraq?
2 - uk and poland, and kind of also spain
what role does nato have in iraq?
1) sat on tukey iraq border and did nothing
2) provided support for the poles
3) run a part of iraq (barely)
what role does nato have in agnaistan?
running afghanistan
whata country worked together in lebanon?
us and france
what country ran lebanon up until 2000?
syria and france
what happened in february 2005?
rafiq hariri got assassinated - prime minister of lebanon
what non-western power building with africa?
Who had to prevent a massive war in the Balkans?
What was the Helsinki Conference?
Announced that the EU would be a ble to deploy troops by 2003
What was the German role in thr Balkan conflict?
First to recognize Bosnians as a country
What was Russias role in the Bosnian conflict?
Supported the Bosnians
What was the US/UN role in the Balkan conflict?
Germany didn't take any unilateral positions, the USSR wasn't allowed to do much in Belgium; this is an example of the US staying in, Russia out, and Germany down
What is the trump card of the EU? Why is it so important?
Membership... offers countries a better future
Why are the Balkans always dominated by foreign people?
Weak internal states because of a clash of cultures
What is Balkanization?
Being fractured, when something splits into small factions
Who stood up to Stalin?
What three countries are awaiting EU membership?
Macedonia, Croatia, and Serbia... Slovenia is already in
What is the EU's other trump card?
Financial aid and peacekeeping
What happened in the 1300s in Kosovo
the Battle of Kosvo, very important Kosovar leaders are killed
What is the unsinkable aircraft carrier?
What is NATO referred to as by Clark?
Consensus making machine
How many Bosnians and Serbs died in the Balkan conflict?
12,000 Bosnians; 3,000 Serbs
What are the cultural makeups of the Balkans? What are they known as?
Kosovo: Muslim Macedonia: Muslim/Christian, Bosnia - Muslim, Albania: muslim, serbia - christian ... Known as Greater Albania
WHat were the Dayton Accords?
Milosevic didn't follow these, gave everyone a reason to bombUNMIK
What is the UN mission to kosovo known as?
At the time, who was the Kosovar leader before the war?
Imbrahim Rigora
What do the Dayton accords do?
Say that Slovenia has a minor role in the Balkan conflict
When was the first time Article 5 of NATO is used?
Where was the mass genocide take place in Yugoslavia?
Srebrenica, prompted NATO involvment