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N: Suprascapular, C5, C6
A: Externally rotate humerus
S: fossa 2 FB below medial portion of scapular spine
N: axillary, C5, C6
A:arm flexion
S: ant: 3 FB below acromion, post: 2 FB coudal to posterior acromion
N: musculocutaneous, C5, C6
A: fex/supinate forearm
S: bulk of muscle
N: Radial C5, C6
A: Flex forearm
S: Flexor crease 1/2 between biceps tendon and lateral epicondyle, 1/2 in deep
Pronator Teres
N: Median, C6, C7
A: Pronate forearm with albow extended
S: 2 FB distal to midpoint of medial epicondyle and biceps tendon
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
N: Ulnar, C8, C8, T1
A: Flex wrist with ulnar deviation
S: Proximal forearm, 2 FB volar to ulna
Flexor Carpi Radialis
N: Median, C7, C8
A: wrist flexion w/radial deviation
S: 4 FB distal to midpoint of medial epicondyle and biceps tendon
Extensor Carpi Radialis
N: Radial, Longus C6, C7, Brevis C7,C8
A: Extend wrist with radial deviation
S: 2 FB distal to lat epicondyle
N: Radial, C7, C8
A: extend elbow
S: Long: 4 FB distal to post sxiallry fold, Medial: 3 FB prox to medial epicondyle
Lateral: Post to deltoid tubercle
Extensor Digitorum
N:post interosseous n, radial, C7/C8
A: Extend MCPs
S: prox 1/3 of forarm, grasp ulna with thumb, 3rd finger, insert btwn to 1/2 inch.
Extensor Indicis Proprius
N: Post interosseus, radial, C7-C8
A: extend index with others flexed
S: 2 FB prox to ulnar styloid, 1/2 inch radial to ulna
First Dorsal Interosseous
N: Ulnar, C8/T1
A: abduct index finger
S: prox to 2nd MCP, direct obliquely and rostrally
Abductor Digiti Minimi
N: Ulnar, C8 T1
A: abduct little finger
S: midline of 5th metacarpal, obliquely
Abductor Pollicis Brevis
N: Median, C8/T1
A: abduct thumb with IP joint flexed
S: midway along shaft of 2st metacarpal, obliquely
Cervical Paraspinals
S: C7 spinous process
N: Femoral, Posterior div, L2/L3
A: Flex hip with knee flexed
S: 2 FB lat to femoral artery, 1 FB below inguinal ligament
Vastus Medialis
N: Femoral, L2/L3/L4
A: extend leg/ lift heel w/knee in extension
S: 4 FB prox to superior-medial angle of patella
Vastus Lateralis
N: Femoral, L2/L3/L4
A: extend leg/ lift heel w/knee in extension
S: lateral thigh 1 handbreadth above patella
Adductor Longus
N: Obturator, L2/L3/L4
A: Adduct leg
S: 4 FB distal to pubic tubercle
Anterior Tibialis
N: Deep Fibular, L4/L5
A: ankle dorsiflexion
S: 4 F below tibial tuberosity, 1 FB lateral to tibial crest
Peroneus Longus
N: Superficial fibular, L5/S1
A: PF and evert foot
S: 3 FB below fibular head, directed toward lateral fibula
Medial Gastrocnemius
N: Tibial, ant div, S1/S2
A: PF with knee extended
S: 1 handbreadth distal to popliteal crease, medial mass of calf
N: Tibial, S1/S2
A: PF with knee flexed
S: distal to belly of gastroc, medial and ant to achilles tendon
Tensor Fascia lata
N: Superior Gluteal, L4/L5/S1
A: abduct thigh with knee flexed
S: 2 FB ant to greater trochanter
Gluteus maximus
N: Inferior Gluteal, L5/S1/S2
A: extend hip with knee flexed
S: 1/2 btwn greater trochanter and sacrum, 1-3 in deep
Extensor Hallicus Longus
N: Deep fibular, L5/S1
A: Dorsiflex, invert foot, extend great toe
S: 8cm proximal to bimalleolar line, just lateral to tibia
Abductor Hallucis
N: Medial plantar N, tibial, S1/S2
A: spread toes
S: 1 FB below navicular on mid-medial foot
Medial Hamstrings
N: Tibial div of sciatic, L4/L5/S1/S2
(Semimembranosus, semitendonosus)
A: flex knee, internally rotate tibia
S: semimembranosus: V lateral to semitendinosus tendon, which is 1/2 between ischial tuberosity and medial epicondyle of femur
Lateral Hamstrings
N: Biceps long head: Tibial branch of sciatic
Biceps Short head: Fibular branch of sciatic
A:Flex knee
S: Biceps long head: 1/2 btwn ischial tuberosity, fibular head
Biceps short head: 4 FB prox to fibular head, medial to long head tendon
Gluteus Medius
N: Superior gluteal n, L4/L5/S1
A: abduct thigh
S: 1 in distal to high pont of iliac crest