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acquired resistance
type of bacterial resistance that results in a bacterium developing resistance to an antibiotic to which it was previously suspetiable
single- celled organism that lack a nucleus or membrane bound organelles. many but not all cause disease
study of bacteria
sperically shaped bacterial cells
gram -
bacterial cells that do not trap purple stain within cell wall
gram +
bacterial cells that do trap purple stain within cell
horizontal evolution
acquisition of genes for resistance from another organism
inherent resistance
natural antibacterial resistance imported to a bacterium by its genetic makeup
nitrogen fixation
metabolic process in which bacteria use enzymes to convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia
obligate pathogens
pathogens that only associate with their host organism to cause disease
bacteria classification that is sprial in shape
permanent close association between 2 or more organisms of differnet species
vertical evolution
a spontaneous mutation in the vacterial chromosome that imports resistance to a member of bacterial population