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Type of hernia treated by not exerting any pressure on the mass, and opiates would be given for pain.
What is recommended in the treatment of acute thoracic emergencies.
1.Airway management
2.Keep patient well oxygenated
3.Couteract shock and maintain level of circulating blood
What type of pneumonia has a 60% mortality rate.
Sx of dry scrathcy throat, hoarse husky voice, fever, cough that produces mucopuralent sputum, musical bronchi and wheezing.
Acute bronchitis
Condition is usually the result of left ventricular failure or mitral stenosis, may be caused by drugs,irritant gases, or burns.
Pulmonary edema
Normally found in the first portion of the duodenum or the lesser curvature of the stomach.
Peptic ulcer
Cimetidine is indicated during the acute stages of active disease.
Peptic ulcer
Food relieves pain but tends to aggravate the condition.
Peptic ulcer
Color tape used for no exam in the past 12 months or the dental record has been lost.
Class 4, red tape
Type of tooth fracture that exhibits slight exposure of the pulp.
Bleeding after a tooth extraction, weakness from spitting large amounts of blood and possible blood on bed clothing should be suspected of.
Post exodontic hemorrhage
What agency is notified in all cases of sexual assault or rape.
When some tissue has been passed and the remainder of the conceptus remains in the uterus, abortion is.
Chief hard tissue of the tooth,surrounds the tooth pulp and is covered by enamel on the crown and by cementum on the root.
Most frequent cause of dental pain.
Acute pulpitis
What infection is the result of long-continued irritation by food debris, calculus, or foreign objects being tightly packed between the tooth and the soft tissue.
Peridontal abscess
treated with bed rest in a semi-fowlers position, with the patient NPO and ice placed on the abdomen.
Hepatitis that is transmitted by the fecal-oral route that occurs sporadically or in epidemics.
Condition that requires surgery and is more common in women.
Excruciating pain that originates in the flank or kidney area and radiates across the abdomen and along the ureters, is suspected of having.
Renal calculi
Force fluids to maintain urinary output of 2 to 3 liters per day for what.
Infiltration of the spermatic cord with procaine is sometimes used to treat what.
What is not used to treat renal calculi.
Condition is caused by blockage of one or more of the branches of the coronary arteries.
Myocardial infarction
What is the most frequent cause of septicemia.
2.IV therapy
3.Indwelling catheters
Thrombophlebitis is treated with what.
Characterized by pain,tenderness, and some times swelling of one or more of the costal cartilages.
2.Tietzes syndrome
Type of arthritis that usually occurs in large hinge joints.
How would you treat a person with a small perforated tympanic membrane.
No Tx indicated
What is used to remove a pea from the ear canal.
Alcohol or light oil
Epistaxis mat be controlled by inserting a small pledget of cotton moistened with what.
2.Hydrogen peroxide
A grand mal siezure usually lasts how long.
2 to 5 minutes
How many petit mal seizures can a patient suffer each day.
Condition characterized by severe headache,nausea,vomiting, stiff neck, positive kernings sign,and bilateral babinski reflex.
Subarachnid hemorrhage
Characterized by myxedematous features such as an enlarged tongue,slow deep speech,thick skin,puffy eyelids,hands,face and alopecia.
What is the most prominenet Sx of trichomonas vaginitis.
Condition whena womans menstrual cycles are absent or more than 6 months apart.
Inflammation of the thin mucous membrane lining the inner portions of the eyelids and anterior surface of the eyeball.
Part of the body not usually affected by contact dermatitis.
Condition found in two thirds of all adult males but is rarely found in blacks.
Condition is very common, contagious, benign epithelial tumors that may persist as a single lesion or develop satellites.
Fungus infection occuring in the area of the inner thighs is termed tinea.
Drug that prevents cluster headaches from becoming vascular headaches.