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When is a head CT warranted?
-persistent confusion
Person has terrible headache that resolves. Head CT is normal, neuro exam normal. Can they be discharged?
-NO, they could have small bleed that resolved, and therefore not seen on CT
-they NEED AN LP!!
Does intracranial hemorrhage cause hemodynamic instability?
What are the types of deadly ECG rhythms?
-long QT
-R on T phenomenon
-VT & VF
How do you do scaphoid cast?
-think about injury
-radial deviation, extension,
(holding a can of beer)
Ottawa ankle rules?
Need an Xray if pt:
-can't walk (ask how they got into the hospital)
-tenderness POSTERIOR to malleolus (if there is tenderness anterior, then it's ligament)
Best way to test for Achille's tendon rupture?
-get them to kneel on chair and then squeeze their calf
Best source of info to ring re: toxicology?
-Toxin Info
When do you need antibiotics for closing a suture?
-RARELY need antibiotics for closure
-better to clean wound prior to suturing