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Whole blood is indicated over packed red blood cells in which case?
Acute blood loss during sx, disseminated intravascular coagulation, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, acute blood loss caused by trauma
DIC: Disseminated intravascular coagulation;
platelets are needed but not present in packed red blood cells
A 3 yr. old female cat is brought to your hospital with petechiae on her abdomen, bleeding gums, and lethargy. What is the most likely cause of these signs?
Rat poison exposure
What is the minimal mean arterial blood pressure at which adequate perfusion is maintained to the brain and heart?
According to the principles of triage, which patient should first be seen by the vet?
Cat w/a closed fracture, dog in respiratory distress, dog w/otitis externa, cat w/a small laceration on a pad
dog in respiratory distress
A patient comes to your clinic apneic and cyanotic. A quick oral exam reveals a hard ball lodged in the glottal opening. You should:
Perform the Heimlic maneuver; if unsucessful, prepare the patient for tracheotomy
Inducing emesis after ingestion of a solid toxin is probably no longer of value after how much time has elapsed since ingestion?
1-4 hrs;
the toxin has been absorbed into the system
What should the ventilation rate be during cardiopulmonary arrest in a cat?
During cardiopulmonary arrest, which route is the least effective for drug administration?
Intraosseous, IT, IM, IV
Which would be considered the least important physical measure evaluated during triage of a patient?
HR, RR, CRT, weight
Closed-chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation is most effective in dogsweighing up to:
effective pulses are hard to detect in dogs weighing more than 20kg; it would be necessary to open the chest in these large dogs
Which electrolyte imbalance is most likely to be found in a cat with total urethral obstruction?
because potassium cannot be excreted properly
Which statement concerning status epilepticus is most accurate?
it occurs only in geriatric, it is a life threatening medical emergency, it's treated by admin. ace, it will resolve spontaneously
it is a life threatening medical emergency
The initial first aid procedure for a patient with heat stroke is:
coll water bath;
initial first aid can be performed by pet owners at home
Signs of impending cardiopulmonary arrest include all of the following except:
alertness, dilated pupils, agonal breathing, no femoral pulse
a patient's mental status is not a reliable indicator of impending arrest
An owner calls your clinic and tells you that his cat has just been hit by a car. You recommend that he:
immediately bring the cat in to be examined by a vet
You are instructing an owner to apply an emergency muzzle to his injured dog. Which is the least approperiate material for the muzzle?
rope, metal chain dog leash, pantyhose, necktie
metal chain dog leash
The mucous membranes of patients in hemorrhagic shock are what color?
pale or white
A dog is considered tachycardic if the heart rate is:
>180 bpm
Central venous pressure is used in monitoring:
hydration status
Placement of jugular catheter is contraindicated in which situation?
low platelet count causes more chance of bleeding. The jugular should not be used for fear of causing a large hematoma near the trachea
First aid for a dog with paraphimosis includes all of the following except:
lubricate the penis, apply ice packs to the penis, apply htpertonic solutions to the penis, apply a warm compress to the penis
Apply a warm compress to the penis;
it may increase circulation and worsen the paraphimosis
During triage, which patient should be attended to first?
dog w/a penetrating wound on the abdomen, cat in respiratory arrest, cat w/an intestinal foreign body, dog w/gastric dilation-volvulus
Cat in respiratory arrest;
respiratory function is an immediate concern
At what rate should fluids be infused IV in a cat in shock?
Dehydration is assessed by all of the following except:
moistness of MM, skin turgor, PCV and TP, nasal discharge
nasal discharge
Crackles on thoracic auscultation indicate:
fluid in the lungs
Which item would be least likely to be found on a crash cart used for emergency situations?
Laryngoscope, IV catheter, oroscope, ambu bag
A free-roaming dog is brought to your clinic for listlessness and dyspnea. When performing venipuncture, you notice that the animal seems to have a prolonged clotting time. You suspect that the patient may have ingested
anticoagulant rodent poison
What is normal capillary refill time in dogs?
1-2 seconds
Signs of organophosphate toxicity include all of the following except:
salivation, lacrimation, dyspnea, dilated pupils
dilated pupils;
organophosphate toxicity causes miosis
What is normal urinary output for a dog
1 ml/kg/hr
Name three things that are likely to be available for at-home induction of emesis?
hydrogen peroxide,
syrup of ipecac,
mustard and water solution
Name a common colloid.
All of the following should be included in the first aid procedure for epistaxis except:
elevate the nose, warm compress, ice pack, keep the patient quiet
warm compresses;
they may increase circulation and worsen the epistaxis
Initial first aid treatment for a dog with an open fracture includes all of the following except:
copiously clean and flush the wound, cover the wound, apply a temporary splint to the limb, make rads of the fracture
radiographs are not first aid measuresand should be made only when wounds are cleaned and the patient's condition is stable
A 20kg Springer Spaniel is brought in because of anorexia and lethargy. Dehydration is estimated at 8%. The maintenance requirement of fluid is 66ml/kg/day. What is the hourly rate of fluid infusion to provide 2 times daily mainenance requirements?

Which statement about urethral obstructions in cats is least accurate?
they must always be sedated to pass urinary catheter, sometimes the obstruction can be relieved by massaging tip of penis, slow irregular HR means pigh serum K+ level, if the obstruction is not relieved the cat will die
cats must always be sedated to pass the urinary catheter is false becuase they may be comatose with prolonged obstruction
Tissue perfusion can be assessed by all of the following except:
CRT, BP, MM color, temp
A dog has a lacerated paw pad. The owner has placed a small bandage over the wound, but blood is soaking through. Appropriate tx is to:
Apply a pressure bandage over the owner's original bandage;
removing the bandage would remove any clot that had started to form.
At what rate should cardiac compressions be administered to a dog in cardiopulmonary arrest?
An owner describes his male cat as lethargic and constipated; he has observed the cat straining in the litter box. You suspect that the cat is actually suffering from:
urethral obstruction
What is not usually a signof acute gastric dilatation-volvulus?
unproductive attempts to vomit, hypersalivation, abdominal distention, profuse diarrhea
When advising an owner to move and injured animal, all of the following are true except:
if a back injury is suspected place him on a board to move, muzzle the injured may bite when moved, call the vet hospital to notify of arrival time, give baby asprin to reduce pain
give baby asprin to reduce pain
An o calls and says that hes Pekingese has suffered a proptosis. Your advice to the o should include all of the following except:
apply pressure to the globe to replace it in the socket, protect the globe from further trauma, keep the globe moist, bring the dog to the vet immediately
apply pressure to the globe to replace it in the socket
A dog has been HBC. The o calls and says he has a dangling leg. You recommend to the owner that he:
Sling the leg, if possible, and bring the pet to te clinic immediately
A client calls and is worried about her Irish Wolfhound. The dog ran loose in the neighborhood, and it is now retching and pacing the floor. The abdomen looks a liitle distended. What should you do?
Tell the owner to immediately bring the dog in for exam. Time is important because GDV (bloat) is life threatening!