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What is the O2 saturation of blood in the umbilical vein?
What are the 3 important shunts in fetal circulation?
1. Foramen ovale
2. Ductus arteriosus
3. Ductus venosus
Where does most of the blood that passes through foramen ovale come from?
Why does blood pass thru foramen ovale?
To bypass the lung circulation, it's not working at that time anyway.
What happens to the blood from IVC that passes thru foramen ovale?
It is pumped out the aorta and goes to the head.
Where does most blood that passes thru Ductus arteriosus come from?
Why does blood from the SVC go thru the ductus arteriosus?
Because after going in the right atrium and right ventricle, then it gets pumped into the pulmonary trunk; but it doesn't need to go to the lungs, so it goes from the pulmonary trunk right into the aorta.
Where does the blood that passes from the ductus arteriosus into the aorta go?
To the lower body
Why does IVC blood go to the head and SVC blood goes to the lower body?
Not really sure.
What happens to fetal circulation at birth when the baby takes a breath?
1. Pulmonary vascular resistance becomes much less
2. Now blood pumps into the pulmonary circulation, so left atrial pressure rises a lot and shuts foramen ovale
What does the increase in oxygen in pulmonary and cardiovascular cirulation do?
Decreases the concentration of circulating prostaglandins, failing to keep open the ductus arteriosus - so it shuts.
What molecule will keep the ductus arteriosus OPEN?
What molecule will SHUT the ductus arteriosus?