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What might contribute to many birth defects of the cardiovascular system in infants?
the complexity of septation, cardiac outflow separation, remodeling of the peripheral vasculature, and pre- to post- natal changes
Where does the heart develop from?
the cardiogenic mesoderm that originally lies above the cranial end of the developing neural tube
What causes the heart region to be in its anatomically correct position?
1. enlargement of the cranial
2. the originally paired cardiac tubes fuse (originally with "ventricular" above "atria")
3. growth of cardiac tube flexes into s-shape tube, rotating the ventricles downward and pushing atria upward
What is the area where cardiac progenitor cells localize within the cranial lateral plate mesoderm on both sides of the embryo?
cardiac crescent
What is a complex process which converts this simple tube into a four chambered heart?
What is a key part of the septation process?
the separation of cardiac outflow (truncus arteriosus) into a separate pulmonary and aortic arch outflow
T/F. During embryonic development there is little remodeling that has to take place.
False; there is extensive remodeling of the initially right and left symmetrical cardio system and a contribution from the neural crest to some vessels
What is the first functioning organ in humans?
What does the embryonic appear like?
a single heart tube
what does the embryonic single heart tube contain?
contractile myocardium surrounding an inner endocardial (endothelial) tube
T/F the heart is symmetric
False, the heart is asymmetric
When does much of the cardiac development?
while the heart is pumping blood
When does the heart begin beating rhythmically?
day 22
When does blood begin pumping?
day 24-25
Why does much cardiac development (remodeling and septation) need to take place?
to provide nutrients, oxygen and waste disposal during embryonic development