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An adolescent female has had unprotected intercourse two weeks prior to evaluation and fears pregnancy. The most accurate method for evaluating pregnancy at this time is:
To perform blood HCG levels
Fusion of the female and male pronuclei
0-1 day postconception
2-4 days postconception
Blastocyst with bilaminar embryonic disc
6-7 days postconception
Chorionic cavity
12-14 days postconception
Extraembryonic mesoderm
9-11 days postconception
Lacunar network in the syncytiotrophoblast
12-14 days postconception
2-4 days postconception
6-7 days postconception
Secondary or definitive yolk sac
12-14 days postconception
Primitive yolk sac
Gives rise to the allantois
Amniotic cavity
Located dorsal to the bilaminar disc
Prochordal plate
The first indicator of cranial orientation
Precursor to placenta
Chorionic cavity
Replaces the extra-embryonic ceolom
Somatic extraembryonic mesoderm, primitive chorionic villi, syncytiotrophoblast
Embryonic disc
Epiblast and hypoblast
Trophoblast, inner cell mass, and blastocele only
Embryonic nourishment, 8-10 days post-fertilization
Embryonic nourishment, 13-14 days post-fertilization
Syncytiotrophoblast, lacunar network, spiral arteries, endometrial veins
An embryonic antigen not expressed in the mother unless she develops colorectal cancer is:
Carcinoembryonic antigen
The abortion pill RU 486 is an antagonist to:
The most common interference with implantation occurs with:
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Implantation of the blastocyst in areas other than the uterine wall is referred to as:
Ectopic pregnancy
If a delayed menstrual period (by two days) reflects pregnancy, what would be the stage of the pre-embryonic or embryonic development if the woman had ovulated at ther expected time of 14 days after her LMP?
The blastocyst stage with circulation through the lacunar network of the syncytiotrophoblast
An 18-year-old woman presents to the emergency room with right-sided abdominal pain. Her period is 1 week late, and she has been sexually active. After the history and physical examination, appropriate diagnostic evaluations of the woman's abdominal pain should include:
Measurement of a urine human chorionic gonadotropin levels together with abdominal or vaginal ultrasound, since elevation of urinary HCG levels may be delayed in tubal pregnancies.
A predisposing factor to tubal pregnancy is:
Pelvic inflammatory disease
RU 486 (mefipristone) causes abortion by:
Blocking the progesterone receptor
The syncytiotrophoblast is derived from the
Completion of meiosis II
Formation of tight junctions
Serial cell divisions
Invasion by syncytiotrophoblast