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cardio system is dervided from the ?
What type of folding results in endocardial tubes lying ventral in embryo?
lateral and cephalocaudal
5 primitive regions of the embryological heart?
truncus arterious
bulbus cordis
primitive ventricle
primitive atrium
sinus venosus
Most common type of atrial septal defect?
patent foramen ovale
What forms the walls of the patent foramen ovale?
walls of the septum primum and septum secundum
What 3 entities make up the atrial septum?
septum primum, septum secundum, and AV cushions
What three entities make up the interventricular septum?
aorticopulmonary septum, right and left bulbar ridges and AV cushions
truncus arteriosus -->
ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk
bulbus cordis -->
smooth parts of left and right VENTRICLES
(conus arteriosus)
primitive ventricle -->
trabeculated parts of left and right VENTRICLE
primitive atria -->
trabeculated left and right atria
sinus venosus -->
smooth part of the right atrium, coronary sinus, oblique vein
Aortic arch 1 -->
maxillary artery
aortic arch 2
stapedial and hyoid artery
3rd aortic arch
common carotid and proximal part of internal carotid
4th aortic arch
left --> aortic arch
right --> proximal part of the right subclavian artery
6th aortic arch
proximal part of pulmonary arteries and on left --> ductus arteriosus
paired dorsal aortae?
form descending aorta
cardinal veins?
anterior --> internal jugular and superior vena cava
posterior --> infrerior vena cava, common ilioac, azygous and renal veins
vitelline veins?
ductus venosus
hepatic sinusoids
inferior vena cava
portal vein
superior and inferior mesenteric veins