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Therapeutic abortion
- legally induced due to maternal physical/mental poor health
- severe embryonic complications
Missed abortion
- retention of conceptus in utero after death of embryo/fetus
- spontaneous abortion of fetus and membranes before mid 2nd trimester (~ 135 days)
phylum chordata
- notochord
- dorsal hollow nerve tube
- gill slits (pharyngeal arches)
- post anal tail
Germinal Period
- fertilization - end of 3rd week
Embryonic Period
- organogenic period
- 4th - 8th weeks
fetal period
9th - birth
- fusion of oocyte and sperm
- female and male pro-nucleus
Blighted embryo
- embryo development has ceased
- only empty chorionic sac recovered
How is gestational age calculated?
- Last normal menstrual period
Gestational age versus Conceptional age
- 2 weeks greater than conceptional age
Nagele's Rule
- First day of last menstrual period to estimated delivery date

- LNMP - 3 months + 7 days = EDD
- mitotic cell division, zygote --> blastomeres
- compaction of blastomeres mediated by cell adhesion
- 3-4 days post fertilization after embryo enters uterus
- fluid filled cavity in morula
- centrally located cells - inner cell mass = embryological primordium