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The bulbus cordis forms...
The smooth parts of the ventricles:

conus ateriosus (R ventricle)
aortic vestibule (L ventricle)
The sinus venosus forms the...
sinus venarum (smooth R atrium)
coronary sinus
the crista terminalis is...
the junction between trabeculated and smooth parts of the R atrium
the cardinal veins roughly become...
the SVC and IVC
the vitelline veins roughly become...
hepatic veins and sinusoids
the venous system develops from the...
vitelline, umbilical, and cardinal veins
what does the left umbilical vein do?
carry oxygenated blood, connects to ductus vensosus to the IVC
becomes ligamentum teres hepatis
The vitelline veins form...
hepatic sinusoids, ductus venosus, inferior vena cava
the cardinal veins form...
internal jugular vein, superior vena cava
ductus arteriosus is a _________ to _________ shunt
pulmonary to systemic
How does the ostium primum close?
Septum primum grows down to endocardial cushions
urine drainage from the umbilicus?
urachal cyst
the allantois degenerates to form the...
the ureteric bud is an outpouching of the...
mesonephric (Wolffian) duct
lower end of mesonephric ducts and posterior wall of urachus form...
trigone of bladder
allantoic duct connects...
urogenital sinus to umbilical cord
umbilical artery in the adult?
proximal supplies bladder
distal degenrates to form medial umbilical ligament
neural ectoderm forms...
somatic neurons of PNS
preganglionic neurons of the ANS
"splanchnic" mesoderm, think...
the first pharyngeal pouch forms...
middle ear
the first pharyngeal cleft forms..
external ear canal
the second pharyngeal pouch forms the...
tonsilar fossa