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What is the neural plate formed from?
On what day is the neural plate formed?
18 by notochord and pre-chordal stimulation
What is neurulation?
Conversion of flat nerual plate into the neural tube
What are neural crest cells and where do they come from?
from neurectoderm cells that differentiate into neural crest cells

become the cranial (pharyngeal arch components (head and neck bones, CT, teeth, dermis)) and the trunk (AUtonomic NS) neural crest cells
What disease is related to the maldevelopment of neural crest cells?
Hirschsprung DZ: portions of gut not innervated

Cleft palate and lip: failure to close
What day are the 3 brain vesicles formed
Day 26

Pro, Mes, Rhomb
What are the two flexures that develop during week 4?
Cephalic flexure and Cervical flexure
What week produces the 5 brain vesicles?
Week 6
What cells give rise to:

Neuroblasts and Glioblasts
Neuroectodermal/neuroepithelial cells