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What is a Tachometer?
An instrument that generates a measurement of rotational speed (RPM)
Where would you verify a tachometer reading to?
Machine's Nameplate Data
What info will you find on a Calabration Sticker?
Last Calibration Date and Calibration Due Date
Chrometric Tachometer
-Obtains RPM's from an accesible shaft
-Spindle tip on shaft, press and release start button
-Displays reading after 5 seconds
Centrifugal Tachometer
Gives a continuous reading of RPM's on an accessible shaft
Resonant Tachometer
-Vibrating Reed Tach when shaft is NOT accessible
-indicated by calibration reeds
-Obtain RPM by holding agianst housing
Photo-electric Tachometer
-Battery operated
-Non-contact Tach w/ continous indication of RPM
-Place refelctive tape on shaft
How to calculate Frequency (Hz)
(# of poles x RPM) / 120
Advantages of 4-20mA Transducers
-Voltage is prone to interferance
-Easily manipilated
-Signal can be transmitted over longer distances
What do you do before trouble shooting a transducer?
Be sure Transducer is the problem.
What gas does the Kings Nutronics use?
When replacing a transducer, what range can you install?
One with the same type of range OR higher.
What letters represent Wind Direction?
What letters represent Wind Speed?
Wind Direction and the Ships Indicator are relative to the ships ___ and ___?
heading and speed
What are the power requirements for an anemomter (wind vane)?
115VAC, 60Hz
What is the purpose of a capacitor on a wind and speed indicator?
-prevents RF interference
-reduces stator currents
What is a Wind Speed Indicator?
Electrical device that gives constant visual indication of wind sped and direction.