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Coulomb's Law states that the electrical force is proportionate to the ______ and inversely proportionate to the _______
2)square of the distance
-F( negative electric force) means
There is attraction
+F (positive electric force) means
There is repulsion
Electric force (formula) =
Kxq1xq2 / r^2

*applies to point charges
Force experienced by a particle (formula) =

q (charge)
E (electric field)
Electric Field (formula) =
kxq/ r^2
What is Electric Potential Energy?
The stored energy a charge possesses with respect to position
When a charge is move against the field......
1) negative work is done
2)EPE increases
When a charge is moving with the field......
1) positive work is done
2) EPE decreases
When charges are at infinity
EPE is 0
Electric potential is the....
amount of EPE available at a certain point
Electric Potential Formula
V= K.Q/r
When EP is negative.....
No work is being done to move the charge
The capacitance of a capacitor can be increased by......
Moving the plates closer together
Resistance depends on......
1) Length
2) Cross Sectional Area (width)

* directly prop to length
* inv prop to width
The direction of the electric field is that of a
+ charge
Excess charge always resides on....
The surface of a conductor because they are free to move and feel repulsive forces from each other
When a particle passes through a both an Electric & Magnetic Field
Ohm's Law
V = I x R
P = I x V

= I^2 X R

= V^2 / R
Heat Dissapated
H = I^2 x R X t
Equivalent Resistance of Two Resistors in Series
Rt= R1 + R2 + R3
Equivalent Resistance of Two Resistors in Parallel
1/Rt= 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3
Equivalent Capacitance of Two Capacitors in Series
1/Ct= 1/C1 + 1/C2
Equivalent Capacitance of Two Capacitors in Parallel
Ct= C1 + C2
Magnetic Force on a Moving Charge
F= qVB
Radius of the Circle Described by a Charged Particle Moving Perpendicular to a Magnetic Field
mv^2/r = vQB
The X symbol for current traveling down a wire will cause the magnetic field to....
If a charged particle is negative the direction of the force vector would be.....
Opposite to that predicted by the right hand rule
When a charge moves parallel to the field...
There is no force
Magnetic force on current carrying wire

I- current
L- length
B- magneitc field
How is Electrical Current induced?
By moving a conductor through a magnetic field
Magnetic flux formula
Φ (phi)= B x A

B- mag field strength
A- area
Three ways of changing magnetic fux
1) Change Field Strength
2) Change Area
3) Change angle between area & mag field
Faraday's Law states?
Induced EMF is a measure of the change in the magnetic flux over time.
Flux can be changed by
Changing the magnetic field direction
Vs/ Vp = Ns/Np
What happens to the electric field when a dielectric is inserted
The electric field reduces
Lenz's Law States
The direction of the induced current is opposite to that of the source

E= - ΔΦ / Δt
What is Magnetic Flux?
It is the strength of a magnetic field for a given area
Once a conductor is moved through a mag field an emf is induced, only if there is a circuit the emf induces a........