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Why would steamship officers help immigrants by paying their $25 charge upon entry to Ellis Island.
If you did not have the money to enter the united States, the steamship companies had to pay for your return to your country.
What is an immigrant?
People who have moved to the U.S. from other countries.
What does detain mean?
Held for a while
What does deport mean?
To send back
What does manifest mean?
A list of things or passengers in a ships cargo.
What harbor is Ellis Island located in?
New York Harbor
How many immigrants came through Ellis island?
12 million
Did you have to have a job waiting for you?
No, and if you did you could be sent back to your homeland. The U.S. government was afraid that immigrants would accept lower wages than U.S. citizens and take away their jobs.
Where was the first place immigrants went once they reached Ellis island?
The ground floor baggage room. If they already had their baggage, they went upstairs to the registry room.
What are some reasons why immigrants came to America?
New opportunities, better jobs, free schools, famine, religious freedom, among others.
How long did it take to get to America by ship?
By the late 1800's steamships brought people over the Atlantic. The trip took anywhere from six to thirty-two days, unless there storms.
What is a destination?
The place where one is traveling to. The United States, Ellis Island in particular, was the destination of many immigrants.
What is a dormitory?
The place you would sleep if you had to stay overnight at Ellis Island.
What is famine?
A huge lack of food which causes starvation throughout a region. It is a major reason that many immigrants left their countries.
What is migration?
The movement of large groups of people from other countries to the U.S.
What is prejudice?
The poor treatment of others based on their race. The Asian immigrants faced tremendous prejudice in California.This group was unable to become U.S. citizens until 1943.
What is steerage?
The cheapest way to travel (third class). Only the poor traveled in steerage.
What was Castle Garden?
An immigration center from 1855 to 1890. It closed because it was no longer big enough to handle all the immigrants coming into this country. Ellis island became the new immigration center.
What were the conditions like in steerage?
Several hundred passenger were crammed below deck (steerage). There was no fresh air, they slept in narrow bunk beds. There was one bath for all the steerage passengers. During the winter it was so cold that many passengers got frostbite. The food was lukewarm soup, boiled potatoes, stringy beef.
Who had the best time of anyone on the ship?
The children. They would wander around above deck, play games, and listen to all the strange new languages.
What was the Staircase of Separation
If you passed all your examinations and were going to the railway station, you turned to the right after you walked down the staircase. If you passed your examinations and were taking the ferry to Manhattan,you turned to the left at the bottom of the staircase.If you were being detained, you went straight.
The immigrants heard stories that the streets were paved in what?
List 4 reasons why people would like to come to America.
Decent jobs, free schools, plenty of food, cheap land, persecution in their own country.