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What are the traditional reasons for assessing?
- strengths and weaknesses
- student progress
- grades
- teacher effectiveness
What are the contemporary reasons for assessing?
- public perception
- evaluate teachers
- clarify instructional intentions
What is stability reliability?
test-retest reliability
- determines correlation coefficient and classification consistency
What is alternate form reliablity?
shows the equivalency of multiple forms of the same test
What is internal consistency reliability?
-involves testing one variable
-easiest form is split halves
- determined using K-R coefficients and Cronbach's coefficient alpha
What is the standard error of measurement?
describes the consistency of a particular person's performance
What is correlation coefficent?
the degree of similarity between a group of student's scores on the original test and the retest
What is validity concerned with?
the validity of score-based inferences
What are the three types of validity?


How is validity measured?
intervention studies

differential population studies

related measured studies
What are the three things in Blooom's Domain?


List and define the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy:
knowledge - recall facts
comprehension - summarize in own words
application - apply previously learned info. to new situation
analysis - break down into parts and find relationship between parts
synthesis - combine elements in a new way
evaluation - make judgement based on criteria and defend
What is an instructional objective?
stated in terms of students postinstructional behavior
What is a content standard?
based on the material students are supposed to learn
What is a performance standard?
describes the level of proficiency with which content standards should be mastered
What are binary choice test items?
student must decide between two options

true, false
What are Multiple Binary Choice items?
a cluster, students must make decision about each
What are 2 types of constructed response test items?
short answer and essay