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The quantity of hazardous material stored in the the work space should be limited to what amount?
1. Enough for one work shift
2. Enough for one week
3. Enough for one month
Enough for one work shift
Used in most cordless, rechargable equuipment; should not be stored in an area where lead acid batteries are stored.
Nickel cadium cell battery
Commonly called mecury cells; small and powerful; should not be exposed to heat over 400 degrees.
mecuric oxice zinc cell battery
Most widely used wet cell battery; battery gases are expremely explosive; containing sulfuric acid
Lead acid cell battery
Has high energy; is long lasting; could release toxic gases or explode
Lithium cell battery
Commly called and alkaline battery; used in portable radios; safety precautions same as for carbon zinc batteries.
Maganese dioxide alkaline zince cell batteries
Most common battery in the Navy; could explode if put into fire.
Carbon zinc dry cell battery
What group is responsible for the proper stowage of hazardous material in the area under thier cognizance on board ships?
1. The supply department
2. Individual workcenter personnel
3. Both 1 and 2
Both 1 and 2
True or false
You should Never remove a cathode ray tube unless its high voltage anode has been charged.
True or False
The form and appearance of PCBs can range from oily liquids to crystalline solids.
True or False
All hazardous material and hazardous material containers do not have to be labeled.
If you dispense a hzardous material into an unlabled container, what must you do?
1. Place a large red "X" on the outside of the container
2. Use all the dispensed material within one hour and then dispose of the container
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Indicate on the new container the same label inofrmation shouwn on the orginal container
4. Indicate on the new container the same label inofrmation shown on the orginal container
Which of the following items must manufacturers of hazardous materials provide for users?
1. Information sheets on all hazardous materials they produce
2. A material safety data sheet (MSDS) to the user for each hazardous material
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Protective clothing
3. Both 1 and 2
Where are the MSDSs for a work center located at a shore station?
1. At the main supply center
2. Within the work center
3. The Saftey Officer's files
4. At public works
Within the work center
What is the background color of the DOT hazardous material shipping symbols for non-flammable gas?
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
True or False
You have the authority to relabel proplerly labeled hazardous material
Which of the following actions should you take when using hazardous solvents?
1. Spray solvents on electrical windings only
2. Apply cleaning solvents to heated elements only
3. Ensure there is adequate ventillation
4. Place all rags used witht the solvents in an open air container outside of the work space
Ensure there is adequate ventillation
Which type of solvent is the safest?
1. oil based
2. petrolatum based
3. ammonia based
4. water based
water based
What should you do before using an aerosol container?
1. Clear the area of all personnel
2. Read the label
3. Point the can away from you and test it
4. Reove the label
Read the label
Whic of the followiing is comtained on an MSDS?
1. Ingredients and Identity information
2. Transportaion data
3. An emergency phone number
4. All of the above
All of the above
Which of the following is used by the navy on hazardous material?
1. DOD Hazardous chemical warning label
2. Suppy corp identification label
3. DON identification label
4. Supply department hazardous warning label
1. DOD Hazardous chemical warning label
In which section of the tag out log will you find the Danger/Caution tag out record sheets that have been cleaded and are no longer in effect?
1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5
4. 5
The istrument log is found in what section of the tag out log?
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
4. 4
Danger/Caution tag out record sheets that are still in effect are kept in which section of the tag out log?
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 5
3. 3
Which of the following is the greatest hazard associated with working aloft?
1. The danger of a fall
2. The dropping of objects
3. Radiation burns
4. Asphyxiation
1. The danger of a fall
True or False
An RF burn is the result of RF
voltages passing through the body.
Which of the following is the best
basic description of a laser beam?
1. A concentrated beam of
infrared light
2. A concentrated beam of medical
3. A concentrated beam of optical radiation
4. A concentrated beam of
3. A concentrated beam of optical radiation
When removing or replacing an ESDS
device, which of the following
actions should you take?
1. Ensure that you are grounded
2. Move around, so you don't
build up a static charge
3. Hold the device through
electrostatic-free wrap if
4. Both 1 and 3 above
4. Both 1 and 3 above
True or False
When measuring voltage above 300 volts, you should attach the test probe while the equipment is deenergized.
What is the first action that you should take if you see someone being shocked?
1. Call for medical personnel
2. Secure the area
3. Remove the victim from the
live circuit
4. Secure the power
4. Secure the power
Information on equipment grounding
can be found in which of the
following publications?
1. NAVEDTRA 12052
3. MIL-STD-1310
4. SPCCINST 4441.170
3. MIL-STD-1310
How much time, in seconds, is
required for 44 milliamperes to cause your heart to begin
1. 3
2. 7
3. 14
4. 30
2. 7
What is the “can’t let go” current in milliamperes for a person weighing 175 pounds?
1. 10.0
2. 16.0
3. 18.0
4. 65.0
1. 10.0
True or False
Voltages over 240 volts will burn through the skin and leave deep third-degree burns where the charge enters the body.
What is the resistance, in ohms, between major extremities of an average human body?
1. 500
2. 1000
3. 1500
4. 2000
3. 1500
Of the following, which is the
most dangerous path current can
take through the body?
1. Hand to hand
2. Left hand to either foot
3. Right hand to either foot
4. Foot to foot
Left hand to either foot
When personnel work aloft, a
verbal warning must be passed over the 1MC prior to commencement of the work and at what time intervals,in minutes, until the work is completed?
1. 5
2. 10
3. 15
4. 20
Whose permission is required to work aloft?
1. Officer of the Deck
2. Commanding officer
3. Operations officer
4. Engineer officer
Officer of the Deck
True or False
Only qualified ship’s force
personnel may perform the second check of tag installation.
The number “70” in tag number
70-16 represents which of the
following information?
1. The last two digits of the
Julian date
2. The log serial number
3. The tag number
2. The log serial number
When tag requirements have been identified and the affected system will be rendered out-ofcommission as a result of the tag-out, the authorizing officer must obtain permission from which of the following individuals prior to effecting the tag-out?
1. Commanding officer
2. Operations officer
3. Cognizant Department head
4. Both 1 and 3 above
Both 1 and 3 above