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EMF/voltage definition? unit? symbol?
def: electrical pressure that comes from a source like a battery
unit: volts (V)
symbol: E
resistance definition? unit? symbol?
def: obstacle in circuit that impedes current
unit: ohms (up-side-down horseshoe)
symbol: R
current definition? unit? symbol?
def: rate of electrons flowing through circuit
unit: amperes (A)
symbol: I
power definition? unit? symbol?
def: total electrical pressure dissipated by the resistor
unit: Watts (W)
symbol: P
formula relating voltage to current and resistance?
E = I / R
formula relating power to current and voltage?
P = E * I
conductance definition? unit? symbol?
def: resistance of parallel resisters; reciprocal of resistance
unit: siemens (S)
symbol: G
formula relating power to current and resistance?
P = I^2 * R
formula relating power to voltage and resistance?
P = E^2 / R
formula relating conductance to resistance?
G = 1 / R
formula relating total resistance of circuit (R) to series resistors (R1, R2, etc.)?
R = R1 + R2 + R3...
formula relating total resistance of circuit (R) to parallel resistors (R1, R2, etc.)?
R = 1 / [1 / R1 +1 / R2 +1 / R3...]