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What is lodestone?
a rock that is a natural magnet
the force around a magnet
What happens when you put unlike poles of magnets near each other?
They will pull together.
a small magnet that can turn freely
What are the northern and southern lights?
They are charged particles from the sun that are pulled and pushed in a pattern in the sky near the earth's magnetic poles.
magnetic field
the space around a magnet where magnetism acts
Where is the magnetic field the strongest on a magnet?
At a magnet's poles
What happens when you put like poles of a magnet near each other?
They repel or push away from each other.
anything that pulls iron, steel, and certain other metals to it.
What is another name for the northern lights?
aurora borealis
What are the poles on a magnet?
a place on a magnet whre magnetism is the strongest
How did the Chinese use lodestone thousands of years ago?
They discovered that if a lodestone swings freely, one end points north.