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What type of circuit is used in your home and school?
parallel circuit
Why should you not use electric appliances around water?
Water conducts electricity.
What type of circuit allows electric items to be turned off and on separately?
parallel circuit
How can you break a closed circuit?
Turn off the switch or remove a part of the path.
What happens in a parallel circuit if one part of the circuit is removed or turned off?
Electric current can flow through another path in the circuit. The circuit remains closed.
What happens ina series curcuit if one part of the circuit is removed or turned off?
Electric current can not flow through it. The circuit is open.
What is a parallel curcuit?
A circuit that connects several objects in a way that the current for each object has its own path.
What are the danges of a strong electric current going through your body?
It can cause bad burns or even stop you heart from beating.
What can happen if you plug too many appliances into an outlet?
It can create an overload causing the wires in the wall to get too hot and start a fire.
What is a series curcuit?
A circuit that connects several objects one after another so that the current flows in a single path.
What is the danger in having frayed, cut, or a broken electric cord?
Electricity can travel through your body and wires can overheat and cause a fire.