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How many amperes of current will flow in a circuit containing a 2 V battery and 10 ohms of resistance?
0.2 amperes
current is unknown:
I= E/R E=2; R= 10
I=2/10 I=0.2 amperes
Define atom.
An atom is the smallest piece of an element.
Define electron.
Am electron is elementary particles with a negative charge
that orbits the nucleus of an atom.
Define proton.
A proton is an elementary particle with a positive charge in the central nucleus of an atom.
When is an atom stable or in equilibrium?
when the numbers of protons equals the number of electronss
Coulombs Law states ______.
like charges repel: unlike (opposite) charges attract
When an atom has lost or gained one or more electrons it is considered an ________.
Define current (I)
Current os the movementof electrons through a conductor. The unit of current is the ampere (A),
Define resistance (R).
Resistance is the opposition to the direct current flow. The unit of resistance is the ohm ( ).
Define impedance.
Impedance represent st he combined efects of resistance, capacitive reactance, and inductive reactance that occur in AC currents.
Define capacitance.
Capacitance is the ability to store a charge. Capacitors block direct current but pass alternating current. The unit of capacitance is the farad.
Define inductance.
Inductance is the property a circuit possesses that causes a voltage to be induced in the circuit when there is a variation in current. Inductance opposes any change in current. The unit for inductance is the henry.
Define alternating current.
Alternating current flows in one direction and then reverses itself. It is the most common source of power to operate equipment.
What does a voltmeter measure?
What does an ohmmeter measure?