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Static Electricity
the build up of an electric charge on a material
Parallel Circuit
a circuit in which each object is conected to the cell separately.
a complete path through which electricity can flow
a material through which heat or electricity does flow easily
Current electricity
a moving electrical charge
a temporary magnet created when current flows through wire wrapped in coils around an iron bar
Magnetic field
a region of magnetic force around a magnet
Series Circuit
a circuit in which objects are connected in a single path
the sudden movement of an electric charge from the object where it built up onto another nearby object
one of two ends of a magnet where a magnets pull is strongest
Two types of circuits
Series circuit

Parallel circuit
a material through which heat or electricity flows easily
alternating current

current that flows in a circuit, first in one direction, then in the opposite direction
direct current

current that flows in one direction through a circuit
a discharge of static electricity from a thundercloud
a place electricity reaches when traveling by wire to either increase or decrease the voltage.
How does lightning form?
Inside a thundercloud lightweight positive ice particles rub together at the top of the cloud. Heavy negative water particles settle at the bottom of the cloud and keeps building. Soon the buildup is so much that charges jump between the cloud and the ground as a discharge. A giant spark of lightning results.