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What is induction?
The process by which one conductor produces, or induces, a
voltage in another conductor, even though there is no mechanical
coupling between the two conductors.
What factors affect the amount of induced electromotive
force (emf) in a transformer?
The strength of the magnetic field, the speed at which the
conductors are cut by the magnetic field, and the number of
turns of wire being cut by the magnetic field.
What is inductance?
The property of a coil in a circuit to oppose any change of
existing current flow.
What is self-inductance?
The inducing of an emf within the circuit itself, caused by any
change of current within that circuit. This induced emf is always
in a direction opposite to the applied emf, thus causing opposition
to any change in current within the circuit itself.
What is mutual inductance?
The linkage of flux between two coils or conductors, caused by
the current flowing within one or both of the coils or conductors.