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State the purpose of the Ship’s Service 60 Hz Electrical Distribution system
It is the connecting link between generators supplying electrical power and electrical equipment to furnish various services throughout the ship
Main power distribution switchboards
Used to distribute loads. We have 4 main distribution switchboards: 2 located in Aux 1 and 2 in Aux 2.
Electric plant control panel
: Used to control and parallel generators and loads; located in each Aux space.
Static Frequency Changer (SFCs)
): used to change 60 HZ to 400 HZ. We have 4 onboard: #1 is located in power room #1; #3A, 3B, 3C are located in power room #2 (1-17-3-Q).
Voltage regulator
Regulates voltage. One on each generator at the EPCP.
400 Hz power distribution (switchboard):
400 hz power distribution (switchboard): Directs the power generated by the static frequency converters to the various ship’s and LCAC loads. There are 3 switchboard enclosures
how does the SSDG produce electricity
motion, magnetic field, conductor
what is the purpose of the syncroscope on the EPCP
compares the oncoming geerator speed/frequency
what is the PMA and what is its pupose
provides initial field flashing and provides refreance signal to the governor
what type of voltage regulator does the SSDG have
Static excitor voltage regulation system
what is the capacity of the SSDG's
2085 amps,1300kw, 450vac, 60hz, 0.8 power factor lagging
how many connections are on the shore power riser
how many bus-tie breakers are in the electrical distribution system
6 bus ties
what is the starting air pressure of the ssdgs
what degaussing coils does the ships gyro control
A-coil and FI-QI coil
where is the rough location of the m-coil
around the 2nd deck
what type of degaussing system onboard
what is more stable 400hz or 60hz