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A gaseous nitrogen charge is added to a liquid fire extinguishing agent in order to:
Expel agent from bottle.
What component holds both a liquid agent and a nitrogen agent in a liquid-agent fire extinguisher container?
frangible disc
In a liquid-agent fire extinguisher container, why is the frangible disc undercut into shaped sections?
To break cleanly into large pieces.
What is the purpose of a time delay relay that is used on some liquid-agent fire extinguishing systems?
To position valves.
BANK no. 2 in a two-shot liquid-agent fire extinguishing system failed to discharge, while BANK no. 1 discharged normally. The MOST probably cause of this malfunction is what type of faulty switch?
Time delay relay
When depressed, which switch on a T-handle fire extinguishing system completes the circuit to the squib?
Agent discharge switch.
In the T-handle fire extinquishing system, the two-way check valve is pushed into position by the..
Liquid agent.
In a T-handle liquid-agent fire extinguishing system, what happens when the container pressure becomes too low?
A pressure switch closes.
Air that is trapped in a coolant system has what effect?
Reduces the cooling capability of the coolant.
During initial start of a liquid coolant system, the controller timer energizes the solenoid shutoff valve closed for 3 minutes. The purpose of this action is to..
allow for system stabilization.
What component ofa liquid coolant system is positioned by the temperature of the coolant?
Thermal pilot valve.
In a liquid coolant system, what tells you that the liquid coolant filter is dirty?
A mechanical pop-up indicator is activated.
When maintaining a liquid coolant system, over-torquing clamps may cause what to happen?
Damage or failure of teh component.
IN a liquid coolant system, what is the purpose of purging the servicing unit supply hose?
Remove contaminants from the system.
To ensure that a multiplace liferaft will inflate in extremely low temperatures, the inflation cylinder has a charge of...
What component of a liferaft inflation cylinder assembly keeps carbon dioxide (CO2) within the cylinder and permits an unrestricted flow of CO2 to the liferaft?
Discharge valve.
Releasing carbon dioxide (CO2)from a liferaft cylinderinto a liferaft is normally done by activating the..
What action do you take if you find corrosion on the inside of a liferaft inflation cylinder?
Tag the cylinder for overhaul.
Liferaft inflation cylinders having an outside diameter of less than 2inches and a length of less than 2 feet do NOT require..
Hydrostatic testing.
After recharging a liferaft inflation cylinder-but before returning it to serviceable status-what do you do to the cylinder?
Test for leaks, then reweigh after 48 hours.