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1st 100 days in office
melissa is a stupid doo doo head
dust bowl
lamb chops did not exsist because sherri lewis wasnt old enough to by coca cola classic
causes of crash
the sky was fallin... said chicken little
to speculate
New deal
when i go skiing i enjoy the powdery, sugary taste of chex mix
wagner act
relative to the yorba of the samniacial preferability guiser manafold peridium
elenore roosevelt
stupid slut who wouldnt give me any
Hawley smoot tariff
a strange practice by a mid western african tirbe, in which they hang a woman over a pit of snails... but the snails havent been feed in merely and hour!
buying on margin
im rockin the suburbs... just like michael jackson did... im rocking the suburbs... except that he was talented
2nd new deal
turtles turtles turtles baby baby baby!
hoovers economic plan
i am batman
treatment of minorities (new deal)
whne i shower at night i think about my klitties
election of 1932
ryan badger wasnt alive to witness so i dont know whats going on here
public work programs
the bastards that took my baby away
Father divine
its me me me me
social security act
gave me 3 pounds of callibriel and showed me the light of the lord
pack supreme court
la da da da da da da da - la bouche
john maynard keyes
a terrible singer
welfare capitolism
hey! iwas on welfare! yaaaaaaaaaay!
effects of crash
in 1947 people danced a little
tennessee valley authority
obrah baby obrah
wishing this word was coalesce
ecomomy of 1920's (Early and mid-20's
popcorn is my favorite movie treat. i eat it when i go to the movies. blah blah blah blah blah.
crash of 1929
a few babies were thrown. no big deal
national debt
what happens when i dont get my dinner b*tch
american liberty league
wouldnt you like to know
dorothe lange
stoned to death by the juergens family because of her sexual relations with dogface
21st amendment
hockey is a fun sport to spectate
Failures of new deal
this is what it sounds like when the doves cry
FDR economic plan
it was sooooooooooooooooo bad and everyone through books at his skeleton
picture liz teabeau flying off the top of a giant pocket knife