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What is a series circuit?
A circuit with objects connected in a single path.
What is a conductor?
An object that an electric current passes easily through.
What is a magnetic field?
The space around a magnet where magnetism acts.
What is resistance?
Resistance is how well electricity flows through a material.
What is a pole?
A place on a magnet where the magnet is the strongest.
What is an electron?
A tiny bit of an atom that has a negative charge.
What is an insulator?
An object that electric current does not pass easily through.
What is a magnet?
An object that pulls iron and steel things to it.
What is a generator?
A machine that uses an energy source and a magnet to make electricity.
What is magnetism?
The force around a magnet.
What is a proton?
A tiny bit of an atom that has a positive charge.
What is a compass?
A small magnet that can turn freely and points north.
What is a parallel circuit?
A circuit in which current has a separate path for each object.