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Nurse Maid's Elbow
Nursemaid's elbow is a dislocation of the elbow joint caused by a sudden pull on the extended pronated arm, such as by an adult tugging on an uncooperative child
elbow sprain due to
b. Due to fall on outstretched arm, hyperextension, valgus stress common cause

Varus stress causes more likely fracture.
what is varus and valgus
valgus=abduction of MCL in elbow or supination

varus=adduction=LCL or pronation
: most important ligament in elbow important mid ROM 50% valgus stability and 80% resitance to distraction when flexed at 90degrees
Inflammation extensor carpi radialis brevis
lateral epicondlyitis or tennis elbow
tests for lateral epicondlyitis
medial epicondlytis test
golfers elbow test
i. Accommodates rotator cuff and biceps tendonitis.
ii. Common flexor tendon (pronator teres attaches to medial epicondlye of humerus)
iii. Flexor pronator group assists ulnar collateral ligament and helps assist vaglus stress
medial epicondlylitis
due to possible interference with blood to growth plates.

pain on passive full extension of elbow
capitulum of distal humerus
pannus disease
Elbow Neuropathy tests
Tinel's sign - for any neuropathy
Ulnar nerve - medial to olecranon in groove
Radial nerve - on lateral side of elbow

for both nerves tingling down med or later forearm