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Year span of Old English:
449-1100 AD
When did the Anglo-Saxons arrive in England?
449 AD
When did the roman Empire invade and control the Celts?
45 AD
When did the Romans withdraw from the Celts?
410 AD
What stage of English was highly inflected?
Old English
What stage of English had many plural noun classes ending in -en or -r?
Old English
What was the year span of Middle English?
1100-1500 AD
What event greatly influenced/ushered in Middle English?
The Norman Conquest in 1066
What year was the KJV of the Bible translated?
What era of English was influenced by borrowing words because of exploration and colonialism?
Early Modern English
Consensus of the Educated
What most educated people agree to be correct.
Kingly, Royal, and Regal are an example of what?
Triplets (Kingly=O.E., Royal=French, Regal=Latin)