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What is an up side to the fact that English often doesn't change the spelling or pronunciation to match English when it borrows words from other languages?
We can trace the roots of words' historical origins better.
What sound is not represented by a letter in the following words?

futile, cute, utility.
What kind of phonetics do we focus on?
Pulmonic egressive air stream
We push air out of our lungs to speak.
What 3 things do we look at for consonants?
1. Place of Articulation
2. Manner of Articulation
3. Voicing
What's the difference between vowels and consonants?
Consonants involve obstruction of the airstream, vowels do not.
What are the 7 Places of Articulation?
1. Bilabial
2. Labiodental
3. Interdental
4. Alveolar
5. Palatal
6. Velar
What are the 6 Manners of Articulation?
1. Stops
2. Fricatives
3. Africates
4. Nasals
5. Liquids
6. Semivowels (aka glides)
How do ventriloquists make you think you're hearing bilabials, without moving their lips together?
They change the manner of articulation (ex. f (voiceless labiodental fricative) replaced with a voiceless interdental fricative.)
Tongue Thrusting Phenomenon
aka, "lisp;" when people move the tongue to the next place of articulation to make the voiceless alveolar fricatives to a voiceless interdental fricative.
T/F: All vowels are voiced.
What vowel commonly occurs in an unstressed syllable?
Which vowels are unrounded?
All Front Vowels
Which vowels are rounded?
All back vowels, except /a/.