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John Dulles
Sec. of State
going to brink of war
massive retaliation
using the H-bomb
Dulles's view on communism
not just contain it, but also turn back the tide
Vietnam (1)
-1945 liberated from Japan
-Ho Chi Minh (l9berator)
-French wanted to help
-French started to treat Vietnam like former colonies
- US saw as a bulwark against communism
- many US wanted to help assist the french
- in 1954 at Geneva, agreement made north communist and south free
helped against agression against any other member
Dulles's attempt to encircle the Communists with treaties
group in Middle east; part of pactomania
Paris Pact
US and GB keeps troops on Euro Continent as long as wanted by people
CIA operation 1952-1953
-bring down Farouk and put in Nasser
-topple Iran's premier
-help opposition group in Guatamala
1953 Russia
Kruschev comes to power
Peaceful coexistence
-come to peaceful terms after Stalin's death
- USSR removed troops from Austria
-still no "open skies"
Hungary 1956
peple's revolt put down by Soviet tanks;Americans only offer refuge
Israel 1950's
-Jews emigrate there
-GB tries to establish Jew-Arab state
-UN splits land up amongst the two faiths
-Israel declares itself in 1948 and the next day is attacked by other ME forces
Nasser and egypt
-wants Aswan dam for irrigation
-makes pact with Soviet Union
-US refuses to help Egypt with dam b'c of comm. frat.
-Egypt takes over dam
-GB& F & Israel attack Egypt
-Soviet Union and US agree that they could not do that, demanded a cease-fire and UN resolution
Robert Goddard
wanted to use rockets to push through space and carry its own oxygen/fuel
V-2 rockets
used by Germany in WWII
Operation Paperclip
US attempt to collect German scientists after the WWII
first sattelite ever (by USSR)
Explorer I
first US satellite
Sputnik II
second sattelite into space; had Laika, the space dog on it
National Defense Education Act
tries to produce more scientist since there is a "crisis in education"
Eisenhower doctrine
aid ME country that tries to resist military agression from communist controlled countries (later it included that it must be pro-western)I
king killed by pro-Nasser occicers
Who asked for help under the Eisenhower doctrine
Jordan and Lebanon
1958 from USSR
threats to withdraw from East Berlin and sign treaty if US does not back out within 6 mo.
-nothing happened
Spirit of camp david
ease in tensions
May 5 1960
US spy caught in USSR