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Bon Marche
architect = Louis-Charles Boileau. New arch type due to Urbanization = department store. Early origins in covered galleries. Elevates shopping to the level of social ritual or ceremony. New materials where advantageous or apprpriate.
New arch. type
All Saints Church
architect = Butterfield
Midland Grand Hotel
architect = Gilbert Scott
Bibliotheque Ste. Genevieve
architect = Labrouste. New arch type = public library. Use of new materials where considered appropriate and structurally advantageous.
New arch type
Beaux arts
may mean period style, a school, an attitude toward the past, or a process, that is, a way of approaching design problems and problem solving
A term
Soane House
architect = John Soane. Seeks the underlying ordering systems, the balance and order of the class. arch. system (facade).Classical Historicism.
Interior different. Use of classical details produces the classical equiv. of the picturesque. Int. detail = nat. scenery. Chng in lvl; use of mirrors; varied lighting. Heating systems: fireplaces/central heating. Underwent continual alteration
Another variation of class. histor.
Bank of England Stock Office
architect = John Soane. Public bank - changing due to changing demographics. Roman/Greek arch. suggest ideas of a bank. Dependability; continuity; predictability. Exemplifies Soane's interest in new technologies and mat'ls
Saltworks and Chaux, ideal city
architect = Claude-Nicolas Ledoux. Social consciousness of the architect. "Arch must be asso w/ politics and the soc. cond., and must lead the way to a new and better world"
Not much to say, just a quote
Monument to Newton
architect = Etienne-Louis Boullee. The works of Boulle and Ledoux rep. another aspect of C.H: Finding a moralizing flavor in the underlying principles or abstract geometries of Classicism. Romantic belief in the power of these pure geometrical forms to "move the soul." Visionary utopian perception of Classicism as a "symbolic language" that speaks to the soul.
Another variation of C.H. Utopia
Engraving of an "ancient mausoleum"
architect = Piranesi. reflects a creative, imaginary vision of Classical arch. w/ correctly depicted detail. Romantic, idealized, dramatic
Three words to describe it
Chiswick House
architect = Lord Burlington and William Kent. Neo Palladianism/C.H. Participated in grand tour
Neo something
Van Burghs own house
architect = van burgh. medieval historicism; change in taste; romantic use of medieval details
medieval something
Blenheim Palace
architect = van burgh and hawksmoor. big, bulky, baroque; assemblege of parts
3 B's
Wurtzburg Palace
architect = balthasar neuman, tiepolo (ceiling paintings), grandiose scale (baroque?), elab. fanciful decoration (rococo). false marble. imperial staircase. rooms en fillade
Ceiling...both forms...stairs?
Hotel de Soubise, Salon de la Princesse
decorated by Germain Boffrand, paintings by Charles Joseph Natoire. Rococo decoration, no dep. on classical vocab elements. INTIMATE, SUPERFICIAL. MIRRORS.
National Archives architect listed
City of Paris
new stuff = boulevard, avenue. boulevards follow city wall lines, avenue = street lined with trees leading toward bldg or focal point.
streets, roads
Chair of St. Peter
architect = bernini. actual reliquary for the throne of peter. theatrical use of existing window as part of composition.
Baldicchino, St. Peter's
architect = bernini. marks tomb of peter. ref. to barberini patronage (great PR). Stresses martyrial Focal Point of bldg.
Piazza, St. Peters
architect = bernini. 2 free standing colonnades which were intended to unify the disparate elements of the piazza
Santa Susanna
architect = Carlo Maderno. II Gesu Formula; pulled up tighter; facade aesthetic - unrelated to church behind it - stage set piece - act of entering extended.
Il Gesu
Eiffel Tower
architect = Eiffel. Use of new mat'ls where considered appropriate. Importance of worlds affairs as showplaces for technology. Prefab of mass produced parts. Form of tower determined by structural considerations.
Mass production