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Controlling Authority for IP Assignments
Navy Network Information Center.
LDR: Low Data Rate (75-2400 Bps)
MDR: Medium Data Rate (1544K)
Commercial Wideband Satellite Program.
Developed to overcome the demand for information system delivery capacity on DSCS.
Defense Satellite Communication System.
Gov't-owned Military access link for SHF.
Data Rates:
DS0: 64K
DS1: 1544K
T-1: 1544K
E-1: 2048K
Data Rates:
DS3: 44.736Mbps
OC3: 155.52Mbps
OC192: 9953.28Mbps
OC768: 39.813Gbps
Iridium Phones
Satellite phones, used as a back-up in the event of a catastrophic comms failure.
Requirements for TIP Access
Units must submit a satellite access request IAW JCIB-8F.
Units must also create a TPP.
How often are ISIC COMSEC inspections required?
Every 24 Months.
How often are CMS A&A visits?
Every 18-24 Months.
USC 61
Digital Modular Radio (DMR)
Frequency range of 2Mhz - 2Ghz.
Mission of NCTS FE
We are the warfighters who provide reliable and secure communication and information technology services critical to the success of the Far East Region.
Purpose of JFTOC WO
Manages all Navy C4I tactical communications assets and systems in the Pacific Nav Com Area.
4 Sub-categories of Mishap Probability.
A.) Likely to occur
B.) Probably occur
C.) May occur
D.) Unlikely to occur
April 12-14, 1981
John W. Young & Robert L. Crippen
First orbital test flight of space shuttle all Navy crew.
The On-the-Roof Gang
A total of 176 enlisted radio operators were specially trained to intercept and analyze foreign radio communications.
Laid the corner stone of Naval Cryptography
D-Day Landing
June 6, 1944
Commanded by General Eisenhower
Normandy assault phase
Code-name: Neptune
Hainan Island EP-3 Incident
April 1, 2001
Mid-air collision between a P-3 and a Chinese Interceptor Fighter jet.
Changed the way we handle and destroy crypto.
Bletchley Park
The Government Code and Cypher school.
Based in London.