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Apollo 11?
16-24 July 1969
Neil A. Armstrong
First manned lunar landing.
Apollo 17?
7-19 Dec 1972
Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald Evans.
Navy's 7th and final lunar landing.****
The Purple Code?
Most secure diplomatic cryptographic system used by the Japanese Foreign Office. It was not a code, it was an electro-mechanical cypher.
Attack on the USS Liberty?
Was sent to the eastern mediterranean on June 8th, 1967, off the Senai Peninsula and struck by Israeli aircraft.
USS Pueblo?
Jan 23rd, 1968
Captured by N. Korea.
The only US Navy ship to be held captive.
3 Levels of War?
- Operational
- Tactical
- Strategic
National Security Act of 1947?
The War Department and DON merged into a single Department of Defense, under the Secretery of Defense;
also created the Air Force.
When/Why was the Sailor's Creed developed?
Written in 1993 by the Blue Ribbon Recruit Training Panel under direction of then CNO, ADM Franck Kelso.
National Command Authority
Ultimate lawful source of military orders. Comprises the President and Secretery of Defense.
Operational Control: Joint doctrinal term includes the authority to organize commands and forces necessary to accomplish assigned missions.
Administrative Control: An internal organization responsible for training, logistics, readiness, resources, equipment, mobilization, demobilization, admin, and discipline of Surface Deployed and Distribution Command (SDDC).
Fleet Commanders
In charge of 5 subordinate type commanders (ex. 7THFLT)
United States Unified Commands 1-5?
1. PACOM - Oahu, HI
2. EUCOM - Frankfurt, GR
3. JFCOM - Norfolk, VA
4. SOUTHCOM - Miami, FL
5. CENTCOM - Bahrain
Unitited States Unified Commands 6-11?
6. NORTHCOM - Co. Springs
7. SOCOM - Tampa, FL
8. TRANSCOM - Galveston, TX
10. AFRICOM - Stuttgart, GR
11. USCYBERCOM - Ft. Meade, MD
Fleet AOR's?
2nd Flt - Atlantic Ocean
3rd Flt - Pacific Ocean
4th Flt - South American / Caribbean Sea
5th Flt - Persian Gulf & Red Sea
6th Flt - Mediterranean Sea
7th Flt - East Asian Pacific
10th Flt - Full Spectrum, maritime, cyberspace, information dominance.
Mission of DISA?
Combat support agency, engineers and provides command and control and enterprise infrastructure to continuously operate and assure a global net-centric enterprise in direct support to joint war fighters.
Department of Homeland Security
Mission: To lead the unified national efforts to secure the country and preserve our freedom. Also includes preparation for, and response to, all hazards and disasters.
Enlisted Distribution & Verification Report
1. Prospective Gains
2. Losses
3. Personnel on regular leave, temp duty, deserter status
4. Total onboard
5. Personnel status summary
6-10. UPDATE
Eval due dates?
E1-E3 - 15 JUL
E4 - 15 JUN
E5 - 15 MAR
E6 - 15 NOV
E7/E8 - 15 SEP
E9 - 15 APR
Service Records
Page 2,4,13?
2 - Navpers 1070/602 - Record of emergency data
4 - Navpers 1070/604 - Enlisted qualifications, history, special skills, SGLI, SGLV 8286
13 - Milpersman, article 50 30420 - Chronological record of significant misc. entries. Navper 1070/613
6 Programs for Brilliant Basics?
- Career development boards
- Command indoc
- Command ombudsman support
- Sponsorship
- Sailor recognition
- Mentorship
Random Anti-Terrorism Measure
Random implementation of higher FPCON measure in consideration of local terrorist capabilities.
Define PDS.
Practices Dangerous to Security.
Practices that have the potential to jeopardize the security of comsec material if allowed to continue.
Computer Security.
Measures and controls that ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information processed and stored on a computer.
Authority to Operate.
Official management decision issued a DAA or PAA to authorize operation of an information system.
Interim Authority to Operate.
Temporary authorization granted by a DAA for an information system to process information based on preliminary results for a security evaluation of the system.**
Grace Hopper?
Rear Admiral Hopper (Dec 9 1906 - Jan 1 1992)
Led the development of COBOL - a programming language. "Common Business Oriented Language"