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How is DPAS used to track equipment?
Each piece is assigned a serial number and bar code and entered into DPAS. There is a quarterly inventory of each item.
What is the purpose of the MOV program?
Completed monthly by RPPO's to facilitate better usage of funds. RPPO's review each requisition to determine if parts are still needed.
What is a DLR?
Any parts that are repairable at the depot level.
Explain the process of a Turn in DLR?
Before a process can be placed for a new DLR part, the NRFI part has to be turned into the supply dept.
Explain the process of a RIP DLR?
If the broken part need to remain in place the broken equipment in order for it to be operational. The broken part is turned 24 hr after receipt.
What are the categories of CASREP's?
Initial, Update, Correction
How often does a CASREP update need to be sent?
Every 30 days
What is the purpose of the DD FORM 1348-6?
Used for requisitioning non NSN items
What is the purpose of the NAVCOMPT 2276 form?
Request for Contractural Procurement.
What is the purpose of the NAVSUP 1250-2 form?
Used by AFLOAT activities for requisitioning NON NSN items from Navy supply resources.
What is the purpose of the SF 44?
Multi purpose form, used as a purchase order, receiving report, and invoice.
What is the purpose of the DD FORM 115?
Order for supplies of services
What is the purpose of the SF 1449?
Solicitation for commercial items
What is the purpose of the DD FORM 200?
Financial Liability investigation of Property Loss
What is CHRIMP?
Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management
What is DRMS?
DOD property that has to be turned into DRMO
What are the uses for the Government commercial purchase card?
Intended to streamline small purchase methods, eliminate petty cash. For official pruchases under 3000 dollars.
What is OPTAR?
Operating Target, the budget for commands.
What is an NSN?
National Stock Number
What is a COG?
Cognizance Symbol
What is an AEL?
Allowance Equipment List
What does NC mean?
Not carried
What does NIS mean?
Not in stock