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King of Old Kingdom. Wanted to leave mark on the world. Created first pyramid.
Two other pyramids. Not as big as Khufu's
Pepy II
Part of Old Kingdom. Ruled long time on throne. Egypt didn't know anything else. When he died, culture went into termoil.
First great king. Unified Upper and Lower Egypt. Narmer palette stone
Great architect. Created step pyramid.

- get closer to heaven
- deified human
Part of Eleventh Dynasty (First Intermediate Period). Ruler from Thebes. Reconnect Upper and Lower Egypt. Added land further south - Nubia. Raw materials (gold). Build forts between cataracts to strengthen power.
Part of Middle Kingdom. Not part of royal family, proves to be capable ruler. Depended on priests and demenstrate strength of rule. Makes son co-regent, son is already in power when king dies.
Ahmos I
Part of end of Middle Kingdom. took over Memphis. Goes to Syria, restore power over Nubia. Layed ground for New Kingdom.
Pharaoh of New Kingdom. First female ruler. Seen as male, "Son of Amun" Ruled for 20 years until dissappeared from history. Rumor - Thutmose III erased her from history to build proper kingship.
Thutmose III
considered himself a warrior king.
Amenhotep III
Part of New Kingdom. Administration reached high point during his reign. Started worship of Aten, the disk.
Akhenaten/Amenhotep IV
intermediary instead of the priest. Connection btw god and priest
Ramses II
Ruled Abu Simbel - southern part of Egypt, btw Egypt and Nubia. 4 statues of Ramses on clifface.
Ramses I
part of last important dynasty of New Kingdom.

(sons = Seti I & Ramses II)