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How many classes of people were there in Ancient Egypt?
There were three classes: upper,lower,and middle.
Why did the Egyptians mummify their bodies?
They thought they would need them in the afterlife.
Who was the youngest pharaoh?
King Tut was the youngest pharaoh.
What did the ancient Egyptians do in their free time?
They went swimming,fishing,sailing,and hunting. They also played board games.
What direction does the Nile River flow in?
The Nile flows North.
What is the end of the Nile called?
It is called the Delta.
Who was the first female to become a pharoah?
What did the ancient Egyptians use to preserve the bodies of their dead?
They used natron.
Lower Egypt is where the Nile River empties into what sea?
The Mediterranean Sea
Name a famous Egyptian Queen?
Queen Hatshepsut or Cleopatra
What stone was used in 1822 A.D. to decipher hieroglyphics?
The Rosetta Stone
Who deciphered the hieroglyphics?
Jean Francois Champollion
Name some ways the Egyptians used the Nile?
Drinking Water
What were the ancient Egyptian rulers called?
They were called pharaohs.
How did people become Egyptian slaves?
If a man was taken prisoner during a war, they could be taken to Egypt as a slave.
When a person was mummified where were his organs placed?
They were placed in canopic jars.
What were some of the Egyptians contributions to civilization?
Reading,writing,basic math, and a 365 day calendar.
What is ancient Egyptian writing called?
What did the Egyptians call their sun god?
What is the longest river in the world?
The Nile is the longest river in the world.
What class were the farmers from?
The farmers were from the lower class of Egyptian society.
What two seas border Egypt?
The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
What kind of climate does Egypt have?
It has a hot and dry climate.
What did the ancient Egyptians use to build their houses?
They used mudbricks.
What did the Egyptians use to make paper?
They used papyrus.
Egyptian statues that have the body of a lion and the head of a man or a woman are called?