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productivity of country; totale value of goods and services

GDP per capita= average value of good and services produced by each person (indicator of quality of life)
Energy intensity
rel. b/w energy consumption and growth in GDP

-industrialized countries: weak link, growth in energy demand lagging behind economic growth

-developing countries: like more correlated; energy demand parallel with economic expansion
differences in energy consumption result of
-efficiency of industrial, transportation, commercial and residential energy

-climatic/geographical areas


-nature of the products produced
fastest growth for energy demand
developing Asia, China, India
worlds largest energy producer, consumer and net importer

1st in worldwide reserves of coal
6th in ww. reserves of natural gas
11th in ww reserves in oil
resources that can be recovered economically with application of extraction technology available currently or in future

only recoverable energy
energy known to exist or suspected to exist irrespective of technical or econoic viability

sub set of resources
US's consumption, reserves will last..
petroleum: 2.9 years
natural gas: 9.2 years
coal: 242 years