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what are the 6 forms of energy?
mechanical, nuclear, thermal, chemical, radiation, electrical
list the forms of radiation, from lowest frequency (lowest energy) to highest frequency (highest energy)
radio, microwave, ir, visible, uv, x-ray, gamma ray
define a british thermal unit (BTU)
a unity of energy equal to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree F.
define calorie
amount of energy needed to raise the temp of one gram of water by one degree C.
define food calorie
often used when measuring energy content of food. it is equal to 1000 calories.
define joule
one joule = .2388 calories = .0009481 BTU
define kilocalorie
1000 calories
define kilowatt-hour
amount of energy from production/consumption of one kilowatt of power per hour.
define therm
100,000 BTUs
oil, natural gas, and coal are examples of what?
non-renewable resources
power = ?
energy = ?
power * time
define watt
one watt = production/use of 1 joule/second
define kilowatt
1000 watts
daily kilowatt hour consumption =
energy consumption per day(Wh)/1000Wh
Efficiency =
useful energy output/total energy input
a motor's efficiency can be measured by...
mechanical power/electrical power
temperature measurements are always made on which scale?
Carnot efficiency =

this will more than likely be a numerical problem on test
Low temp= 20C+273 = 293
High temp=540C+273 = 813

(1-(293/813)) = .64 = 64%
overall efficiency of a powerplant =
electrical energy output/chemical energy input