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Define Self-Regulation
self directed process by which learners transform their mental abilities into academic skills.
What are the three components of self-regulation?
A) Self Awareness
B) Self Motivation
C) Behavioral skill

*These components are the difference between an expert and a novice.
What ar the two components of Self Motivation?
A) Beliefs- what do you tell yourself?

B) Studying
What predicts expertise & skill level?
* quantity of time studying and practicing

* quality of studying (quiet place)
Put the three phases of self-regulation in order.
Structure & Function Of Self-Regulatory Processes:
Forethought Phase has 2 main components name them. Place the skills for each in order from most important to least.
Task Analysis:1.goal setting
2. strategic planning
Self Motivation Beliefs:
1.Outcome expectations 2. Intrinsic interst/value 3.self-efficacy 4.Learning Goal Orientation
Self Control & Self Observation are two main categories for what Phase?
Performance Phase
In the Performance Phase you have two main categories name the categories and the skills necessary, from most important to least important.
Self Control: 1)Attention focusing
2)task strategies 3)Self Instruction

Self Observation: 1) Self Recording
2)self experimentation
The Self reflection phase has two major categories name them.
Self Judgment & Self Observation
Name the skills necessary for the two categories of the Self Reflection Phases:Self Judgment & Self Observation
Self Judgment: 1)self evaluation
2)causal attribution

Self Observation:
Cognitive Components Are?
Motivational Components Are?
A self regulated person needs?
personal initiative
adaptive skill
Metacognition- require what?
a) planning when you will study
b)monitoring your progress towards your goals
What are the 4 major areas of study skills for the 21st century?
*Digital Age Literacy
*Inventive Thinking
*Effective Communication
*High Productivity
*Basic, scientific, & Technological Literacies
*Visual & Informational Literacies
*Cultural Literacy & Global Awareness
are three skills necessary for?
Digital Age Literacy
Inventive Thinking: Put the skills in order from most important to least important.
*Adaptability/Managing complexity
*Curiosity, Creativity, & Risk Taking
*Higher Order Thinking & Sound reasoning
Effective Communication is an important part of 21st century study skills. Name the terms that go in this category.
*Teaming, Collaboration & Interpersonal skills
*Personal & Social responsibility
*Interactive Communication
High Productivity: Name the skills that fall into this category.
* prioritizing, Planning & managing for results
*Effective use of real-world tools
*Relevant, High-Quality Products