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alpha beta procedure
alpha max, beta min; Search can be discontinued below any MIN node having a beta value less than or equal to the alpha value of ANY of its MAX node ancestors. Search can be discontinued below any MAX node having an alpha value greater than or equal to the beta value of ANY of its MIN node ancestors
Iconic based
simulations of certain aspects of the world
feature based
descriptions of the world - what is true about it and what is not
propositional calculus
a language in which both the constraints among features and the values of features can be expressed and inference mechanisms that are able to perform the required reasoning
Inference rules
a set of rules for manipulating sentences in the language
for associating elements of the language with elements of some subject matter
provides very strong ways of showing that if certain propositiosn are true about a world, then some other propositions (perhaps ones that can't be sensed) must also be true
PSAT (propositional satisfiability)
the problem of finding a model for a formula
an association of atoms with propositions
denotation of the atom
the proposition associated to an atom
model (of the formula)
an interpretation that satisfies a wff
model (for that set of wff's)
an interpretation that satisfies each wff in a set of wff
Iterative Deepening
set bound, follow DFS till find solution, if can't, set new bound, repeat
two clauses which can be resolved into one new clause
horn clause
a horn clause has at most one positive literal