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Name the 6 DC Op Amp limitations.
1. Finite Gain
2. Finite Rin
3. Finite Rout
4. Input Bias Current
5. Input Offset Current
6. Input Offset Voltage
Name one linear AC Op Amp limitation.
Finite Bandwidth (small signal effect)
Name one non-linear AC Op Amp limitation.
Slew Rate distortion
What do input bias current, input offset current and input offset voltage cause to happen to the output?
Causes an offset on the output.
What shape is the output signal due to slew rate distortion?
Triangle wave
Give the formula for calculating the Full Power Frequency of an amplifier.
Fsr = SR/(2*pi*Vout)

Vout = peak voltage
What is the typical Slew Rate for a 741 Op Amp?
Define the relationship between Unity Gain freq (Ft), Open Loop Gain (Aol), and the open loop break frequency (Fbol).
Ft = Aol * Fbol
Define the relationship between Unity Gain freq (Ft), Closed Loop Gain (Acl), and the Closed loop break frequency (Fbcl).
Ft = Acl * Fbcl
What is another name for the Full-Power Bandwidth of an op amp?
Slew Rate Limiting Freq
How can you eliminate or reduce the effect of bias current at the input terminals of an Op Amp?
Add a bias compensating resistor equivalent to Rf||Rin
How do you calculate the closed loop bandwidth of an inverting opamp?
Ft / (|A| + 1)
What is the Slew Rate for an LM118/218/318 opamp?
5V/uS <-- what Mateo gave in class. Datasheet says 50V/uS
What is the Unity Gain BW for an LM118/218/318 opamp?
15MHz <-- according to datasheet.