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What is the EDVR?
A monthly statement of an activity's enlisted personnel account.
What information is provided by the EDVR?
1-present and futre manning 2-reference to communicate manning to Manning Control Authority (MCA) 3-statement of account for Personnel & Pay UIC (PPSUIC)activity 4-permanent historical record of activity's enlisted personnel
Where can a shore activity obtain the EDVR
download from EPMAC Bulletin Board System (BBS)
How many sections is the EDVR organized into?
Which section(s) of the EDVR list seperately, members who are expected to report or detach the activity, in a TAD status, in a deserter status, or admin dropped?
sections 1 through 3
What section(s) of the EDVR contains an alphabetic listing of all enlisted members assigned to the activity?
section 3
What section(s) of the EDVR contains the total personnel account of the activity?
section 4
What section(s) of the EDVR contains a listing of all personnel who are qualified in one or more NECs?
section 8
What section(s) of the EDVR contains individual security data, citizenship code, involuntary extension months, Pay Entry Base Data )PEBD), Time in Rate, Advancement Effective Date, and FORMAN Status and Action Date?
section 11
What section(s) of the EDVR contain the Diary Message Summary?
section 9
What section(s) of the EDVR contains a listing of both officer and enlisted personnel, including commands, in an embarked TAD status to augment normal manning?
section 12
The EDVR for activity accounts with a MCA code of "X" (Others, Patients and Students) will not contain information in what section(s)?
sections 1, 2, and 5 through 8
What section(s) of the EDVR lists duty preferences that have been received and processed?
section 10
What section(s) of the EDVR are numeric summaries provided for use by activity personnel manageres?
sections 5 through 7
How often is EDVR updated
Where is EDVR downloaded