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4 types of nonshared enviro
differential parent treatment, differential sib treatment, differential peer groups, life events
which factor is important throughout development?
Why do we care about IDing genes for EDs?
could aid prevention and treatment
Genes are linked if...
they don’t get separated during crossover
in linkage studies, look at ____ to find ____
at relatives who are both affected, hot spots on chromosomes
general AN findings in linkage studies
trend on chromosome 4
RAN findings in linkage studies
hot spot on chromosome 1
prevalence of RAN
BN linkage findings
Chromosome 10 showed strongest evidence for linkage
where are obesity genes located?
chromosome 10
in association studies, look at...
...specific genes for traits
3 gene findings for assoc studies
Serotonin, brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and estrogen genes
high serotonin is correlated with
anxiety (trait level) and decreased food intake
low serotonin is correlated with
on 5HT2a receptor gene...
higher frequency of A in individuals with eating pathology (AN, particularly RAN)
alleles of 5HT2a receptor gene
A, G
what is BDNF involved in?
growth, differentiation, and survival of new neurons AND food intake
_____ allele increased in individuals with eating pathology (RAN)
high estrogen assoc with
decreased food intake, anxiety
effects of removing ovaries
increased food intake
gene assoc with both AN and BN
Estrogen receptor beta gene
what 2 systems are regulated by estrogen?
serotonin, bdnf
study of chromosomes