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Myth of Scarcity
Using Affirmative action: the belief that people of color are taking privileges away from white people.
If you become part of our melting pot you will be equal to us. This person of color made it, why can't the rest of the people of color?
all black people are good dancers and musicians.
Blaming the victim
blacks do no have things because they are lazy and stupid.
Threat of Violence
If you are not like white people, you will be punished.
People of color are rarely found in the cultural setttings of history textbooks.
horisontal hostility
when a black person takes on the mentality that others like them may fit the stereotype.
individual solutions
the belief that blacks who are successful are those who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. They did not depend on the government to be successful.
Lack of Prior Claim
Mayflower settlement was predominately white. They set "claim" to the land for white people
Defined Norm
A standard that whiteness is superior to non-whiteness; white people, considered the norm, are superior to people of Color.
Institutional Power
In the US Congress, most of the people are white men. They determine the power int he society.