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=prejudice displayed in blatant or subtle ways due to recognized or percieved differences in the physical and psychological backgrounds of people
major parts of counselling in a multicultural and pluralistic society
=overcoming traditions, prejudices, fears, anxieties, learning new skills and sensitivity
investment syndrome
=counsellors feel their time and energy are better spent working with younger ppl who will contribute to society
3 areas counsellors are sensitive to culture
a. knowledge
b. awareness
c. skills
domestic elder abuse
=any form of maltreatment by someone who has a special relationship with the elder, including neglect
predominant beliefs of Western Americans
a. individualism
b. action-oriented approach
c. work ethic
d. scientific method
e. emphasis on rigid time schedule
=process by which a group of people give up old ways and adopt new ones
existential counselling
=holisitic and applicable across all cultures
=theoretical approach dealing with human relationships and ultimate issues of life and death
ethnographic variables
ex. ethnicity, race
counselling considerations with specific cultural groups
=more within-group differences than between-group differences in counselling people from specific cultural traditions
minority groups and counselling
=most have negative experiences
=any kind of systematic change that is lifelong and cumulative
=persons over 65 years
=unique, personally meaningful experience of a transcendent dimension that is associated with wholeness and wellness
levels of development
a. cognitively
b. emotionally
c. physically
adressing model acronym
s-social status
s-sexual orientation
i-indigenous heriage
n-national origin
=transcultural-specific model which places a high value on culture-specific emphasis on minority groups
what older ppl have to cope with
a. death of close ppl
b. reduced physical vigor
c. retirement and reduction of income
d. more leisure time
e. new social roles
f. grown children
g. changing living accomad.
mythopoetic movement
=use of myths and poetry with men in groups
= 55-75 yrs. who are still active physically, mentally, and socially
irrational fear of aging
=psychological distancing from older persons that this fear generates
=any group of people that identify with one another on the basis of some common purpose, need, or similarity
demographic variables
ex. age, gender
status variables
ex. social, education
criticisms of etic approach
=for not taking important cultural differences into account
groups for ppl 65+
a. reality-oriented (help w/ surroundings)
b. remotivation
c. reminiscing
d. psychotherapy
e. topic-specific
f. member-specific
etic perspective
=stating universal qualities exist in counselling that are culturally generalizable
emic perspective
=assumes counselling approaches must be designed to be culturally specific
multicultural counselling
= counselling in which the client and the counsellor differ
=mistaking people's reactions to poverty and discrimination for their cultural pattern
culturally encapsulated counsellor
=one who disregards cultural differences under the mistaken assumption that theories are equally applicable to all people
feminist theories
=focus on the devpt of females as persons with common and unique qualities
the age mystique
=individuals who are growing older often deny and dread the process
=75+ yrs. whose physical activity is far more limited
cultural intentionality
=awareness of individual differences within each culture
criticisms of emic approach
=for placing too much emphasis on specific techniques as the vehicle for client change
cultural expertise
=effectiveness in more than one culture
=belief that females should be treated on the basis of their sex without regard to other criteria
ruminative coping
=women are more prone to focus inwardly and passively on their emotions
7 areas counsellors should increase their knowledge of females
a. history of stereotyping
b. psychophysiology
c. sex-role devpt
d. life-span devpt
e. special popns
f. career devpt
g. psychotherapy
=negative attitudes and stereotypes
2 main emphasis in feminist position
a. on equality
b. on valuing social, political, and emotional action
3 types of men who benefit from group work
a. male sex offenders
b. gay
c. homeless
spirituality dimensions
a. divine or greater force
b. sense of meaning
c. relationship with divine
d. openness to mystery
e. sense of playfullness
f. engage in spiritual activities
g. spriritual force integral part of life