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Locate play/edit cursor to next region-boundary/sync point
Locate play/edit cursor to previous region-boundary/sync point
Option + Tab
Go to and select next region
Control + Tab
Go to and select previous region
Control + Option + Tab
Extend selection to next region-boundary
Shift + Tab
Extend selection to previous region-boundary
Option + Shift + Tab
Extend selection to include next region
Control + Shift + Tab
Extend selection to include previou sregion
Control + Option + Shift + Tab
Return to start of session
Go to end of session
Option + Return
selection to start of session
Shift + Return
Extend selection to end of session
Option + Shift + Return
Set selection start/end during playback
Down/Up arrow keys
Set selection start/end to incoming time code while stoped
Down/Up arrow keys
Select entire region in Edit window
Double-click with Selector
Select entire track in Edit window
Triple-click with Selector / Apple + A
Extend selection to a memory location
Shift + period key + mem loc number + period key
Place play/edit cursor or create selection across all tracks
Option + click in Rulers
Extend play/edit cursor or selection across all tracks
Enable All edit group (! key) and Shift + click on any other track